Detachment- 5 Steps to Clearer Headspace - Sandi Louise Ross

Detachment- 5 Steps to Clearer Headspace

Detachment- 5 Steps to Clearer Headspace

The art of detachment is becoming a much more recognised practice for mental health. Cleaning your home space, to make clearer headspace is where it should start.

Have you ever tried to sit down and do some meditation, and all you can think about is how you should be folding the washing, sweeping the floor or what you might cook for dinner? Well, you are not alone. Meditation doesn’t come simply. Like all things, you get better with practice. And as ironic as it is, the busier we become the more we need to meditate. It helps us decide what we need to get done first, and what we need to let go off.

However, If you are wanting to feel more happy, lighter and as if life is flowing smoothly, then you need to look at your external environment to replenish your internal environment. How can we expect to feel abundant in energy, when we are so heavy in our surroundings.

One of my friends who has a Buddist background, describes mind-clutter with the best analogy. She says “you want me to paint the walls in your house, but I can’t even get to the walls there is that much junk. I can’t even get through the door”. I feel this analogy sums up a lot of our headspace nicely.

Here are 5 steps to help you close the gap between your body and mind – making clearer Headspace

  1. Clean it up! Stop procrastinating and get into that fridge, cupboard, shelf (whatever it is) and just clean it up.
  2. Throw it out! I don’t like the three-year rule, I like If you haven’t used it in 12 months, ditch it. if you are waiting for a garage sale to make $5 on it, then it’s not worth hanging onto (unless you have a lot of space and time). It could be donated and given to someone who is less fortunate and can make use of it now. Keep 3 boxes labelled ‘keep, donate, throw out’- start sorting!
  3. Less is more. Do you really need all those shoes, those coats you never wear, or those jeans that might fit one day’? If you lose weight, treat yourself and buy new jeans. Don’t hold on to every piece of item, thinking about when you might use it. Remember those 3 boxes!!
  4. Clear your physical space to clear your mental space. Arrange your home, change up the position of the furniture and see how much better your energy flows.
  5. Practice the art of letting go and non-attached. I totally understand how this can be unpractical in many areas. And there are many things we might think we need, especially in a home with kids and a busy life. However, simple living brings peace of mind. More opportunity for movement and flow. So aim for less.

Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering.

– The Dalai Lama


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