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About Sandi

Sandi Louise Ross

This is a space designed for everyday people to find health information, fast nourishing recipes, and easy to follow stress-less tools that will keep you well in your modern lifestyle.

The gap between Western medicine and alternative medicine has got to go. You do not have to choose one or the other. Let’s bridge the two medical systems together. After all, it does not matter how you are treated, as long as you heal!

I am Sandi Louise Ross. I am here to help people understand that you can still enjoy life being undeniably healthy. Health and wellness is a lifestyle. You can have your daily organic coffee – in moderation, while loving green juices. If you don’t like the gym, then find what works for you, like trying yoga. If you adore red wine, enjoy it with some great organic food, that is rich in nutrition to support your liver function. But remember, health is a combination of a healthy diet, lifestyle and mind, and finding balance, that works for you!

About Sandi Louise Ross

Sandi Louise Ross is an experienced naturopath, nutritionist and acupuncturist, from the Gold Coast, Australia. With a passion for learning, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science (Complementary Medicine and Nutrition) and a Master’s Degree in Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Sandi has almost a decade international experience, working with people in a consulting and educational level.

Sandi practices with an integration from the Western medical approach, and treatments from Eastern botanical and nutritional medicine.

Her clinical expertese covers female hormonal disorder, fertility disorders, mental health, stress management and gut health.


Sandi’s Health Journey

The direction of health was started at a young age of seven. “Coming from six children, my parents always preferred to have us treated as naturally as possible. When experiencing chronic pain, I was taken to a curly haired man, who looked into my eyes and at my tongue, stuck some needles in me and told me to change my diet. From the day I felt better, I knew I would pursue my path to learn about health”.

After completing a degree in Health Science (Complementary Medicine and Acupuncture) Sandi was fortunate enough for the renowned healer, Paul Sherriff (who treated and inspired Sandi at a young age), and his naturopathic partner Anne Southern, to provide an internship, teaching her an abundance of priceless knowledge.

  • 2009 studies have further taken her to China to study in the Traditional Chinese Medical hospitals in Beijing.
  • 2010 In China- she spent three months in a martial arts academy in the snowy Chinese mountains learning from Shaolin monks about the energetics of Chinese medicine, Kung Fu and Qi gong.
  • 2012 India to study yoga and meditation and complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training course for self-knowledge.
  • 2014 Masters Degree in Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Sandi is now a lecturer, and is an active writer for top health magazines in Thailand and Australia, and has been employed to write for Food Matters, and other renowned documentaries.

What is Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is defined as the prevention and treatment of disease through methods that support and encourages the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms. Naturopathic physicians seek to restore and maintain optimal health and to identify and remove the causative factors of disease. Additionally, they support and facilitate the bodies, while removing obstacles that allow healing and recovery to progress.Traditional chinese herbal medicine ingredients, close-up

The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional diagnostics, scientific, and empirical methods. The treatments include botanical medicine (herbal medicine), nutritional and diet therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga and meditation.