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Naturopathic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine work to support the body’s own innate healing mechanism, with support of the following modalities:

An initial consultation will be around 60-90 minutes long, with a follow up 30 minutes. The investigation of health will take into account all physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Additionally, diet, lifestyle, stress and environmental factors will all be assessed.

You will have your first consultation and generally a treatment plan will then be made to tailor the individual clients health. Often though, we require further investigation through functional testing’s such as saliva hormones, bloods, or a stool test. If this is the case, a short-term prescription will be given and once all results are gathered, a more long-term treatment will be advised.

For those wanting to treat a particular health condition, or further enhance your general wellness, choose from the most suitable package. These packages are designed to help you effectively reach your desired health goals, and maintain them.

Before booking your wellness package, please read and understand the following terms and conditions. This is a naturopathic program, for any health conditions it is advised to have a check up with a medical doctor prior to your appointment.

You will most likely need to commit to some dietary and lifestyle changes.

You will most likely be prescribed supplements such as nutraceuticals or herbal medicine at additional cost. Practitioner range products are advised, as they are quality assured. Depending on the severity and length of the treatment will depend on the cost. An initial prescription (generally the largest) can range from AUS $40-$200 for medicine, and will last around one month.

You may be required to undergo further pathology testing. These should be covered if you have Medicare (Australian clients) or private health insurance elsewhere.

You may be required to have functional pathology testing. This will require saliva, hair, stool, urine or blood to be sent to labs either in Australia or America. The cost of a salivary hormone test can vary from around $125-$225 depending on the test required. Those with digestive or autoimmune conditions may require stool analysis. Depending on the lab they can range $180-$330.

If you are happy and agree to the terms and conditions above, then its time to get you started on your wellness program.

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