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Three Ingredient Bliss Balls

Three Ingredient Bliss Balls


White chocolate, chia and almond Balls. That’s it for the ingredients, yup! These are super fast to make. I love them for a grab-and-go or just to have as an afternoon snack. They are full of fibre, healthy fats and protein. They are gluten-free, but they have white chocolate chips. So if you want a dairy free option, make sure to buy sweet williams, dairy-free white chocolate chips. Bliss balls with just 3 simple ingredients, yup!

Make Them

400 grams of almond meal

150 grams of white chocolate chips

3 tablespoons of chia seeds

Simply mix 5 tablespoons of water into your 3 tablespoons of chia to make a gel and let this sit to the side. Add almond meal to a bowl. After 5 minutes of making your chia gel, mix this in and then add your chocolate chips. Roll into balls and enjoy!


The bliss balls need to be consumed within 5 days as you have activated the chia. You can freeze them up to a month.

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