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10 Steps to Restorative Sleep

10 Steps to Restorative Sleep


habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well on a regular basis.
“sleep hygiene is the key to sweet dreams”


If you, like many, have a difficult time falling asleep, sleep hygiene might be just what you need to have a restorative night sleep



1.Set your body clock: – our circadian rhythm can actually be set by allowing your body to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. This means going to bed at this time on weekends when possible.


2. Sleep when you are tired – this is important as it allows your body to drift off faster, rather than laying in bed waiting to feel sleepy. if you don’t feel tired till late, then a few of these tips will hopefully start winding you down early in the evening so you can feel tired.


3. Don’t force sleep – if you are still lying there counting sheep after 20 minutes, hop out of bed and go and sit in a quiet room. Don’t expose yourself to bright lights or technology. Instead, listen to music or read a book until you start to feel sleepy and then try to go to sleep again.


4. No daily naps – avoid daily napping is important to get you more sleepy in the evenings. If you are so tired that you have to nap, make surest no longer than 30 minutes or after 3 pm.


5. No brights lights or technology 2 hours before bed: – with all the new gadgets in our life, we are highly addicted to over stimulating our nervous system before sleep. In order to allow our natural sleep hormone melatonin to kick in, avoid all technology 1-2 hours before bed, and turn off all bright lights too.


6. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine – if you can’t wind down, avoid any stimulant from coffee, black or even green tea after 10 am. Otherwise, you will be still feeling the effects, and not be able to produce the sleep hormone and drift off peacefully without force. This also included alcohol as although it may make you feel sleepy, alcohol interrupts the quality of sleep.


7. Keep you Bed for Sleep: avoid lying in bed on your phone, T.V or iPad. The exception for reading a book in dim lighting is ok. Additionally, keep your bedroom uncluttered and for the use of sleep and getting dressed only. A nice clean room promotes a less cluttered mind.


8. Daily exercise: a great way to burn off excess energy and promote healthy sleep is by exercising at least 4 hours before bed.


9. Sleep rituals: a way to help promote sleep is by creating the routine you follow before bed. This may be 10 minutes of light stretching, breathing exercises, reading a good book or sipping a herbal tea. Try to practice the same ritual every night.


10. Eat right: avoid eating food 1-2 hours before bed and try to only eat a light meal in the evenings. Avoid sugary snacks in the evening. if you are hungry a few nuts and a glass of warm herbal tea is ideal.


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