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Top Four Nutrients for an Active Lifestyle – Guest Blog Post

Top Four Nutrients for an Active Lifestyle – Guest Blog Post

Guest blog post by Richie “The Hurricane” Hedderman

Whether looking to increase fitness, have a healthier lifestyle, lose some weight or improve overall health, nutrition plays a vital role in helping you reach these goals.

It can seem complicated to choose a particular diet, or know which foods to avoid or take in due to many contradicting reports of different meal plans and nutrients in the media. However, most structured diets or “superfoods” are successful due to certain nutrients they contain.

By focusing on these nutrients, it can make following a healthy, comprehensive diet easy, cheap and time-efficient.

So, below are the top four nutrients for an active lifestyle along with easy ways to include them into your diet.kebab

1.Micronutrients (Vitamins and Minerals)

Taking in enough vitamins and minerals can help maintain a healthy metabolism, keep fat low and even boost mood and mental health.

Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin C can help protect against inflammation and support a healthy immune system while minerals like potassium, sodium, and calcium can help muscle and nerve function and contribute to maintaining heart health. Alongside improvements in general health, research shows Vitamin D can enhance strength and power in athletes.

These benefits can easily be achieved by taking a multivitamin or multivitamin supplement or by including a bowl of mixed vegetables into the diet each day.


Protein can help increase strength and muscle mass, which also helps raise metabolism. Along with this, protein is also useful in helping reduce hunger and aid weight loss, while also improving recovery after physical activity.

The above benefits make high-quality proteins, like dairy, eggs, and meats, essential nutrients in any active individual’s diet and are most beneficial when consumed with every meal. However, vegan sources of protein, like pea and soy protein, are also useful and easy to include into daily eating.

For non-vegans, affordable and good quality sources of protein can be found here, and are essential in maintaining good health and an active lifestyle.

3.Omega-3 Fats

Fats have been both demonised and praised in traditional media in the past. However, as nutrition expert Dr. Layne Norton quoted in this review, demonising any nutrient is a mistake.

Unsaturated fats like omega three, have consistently been shown to improve mental health, boost immune system health and help promote muscle growth.

It has also been shown to help decrease hormones in the body which cause hunger and can help weight loss. These benefits of omega-3 fats, you be found in oily fish like salmon, mackerel or tuna, hemp seeds, walnut and flax/linseeds. Additionally, you can get them in a high-quality supplement. 

Fish oils caps4.Fibre

Including soluble and insoluble fibre in the diet can help improve nutrient absorption and regulate bowel movement, which protects against constipation.

In addition to improving digestion, high fibre also helps lower blood pressure and decrease hunger which can help with maintaining a healthy weight.

So, high fibre foods like whole wheat pasta or cereals like oats, or a natural fibre supplement like, should be a staple in every exercise enthusiasts meal plan when looking to optimise nutrition for life on the go.


 Richie started Hurricane Fitness in 2011. Starting out as a Boxer at the age of 11 and winning County, Provincial, National and International medals in Boxing, he began running fitness classes and personal training.

Since then he has gone on to work alongside Olympic, World and European Champions and has trained many clients, both at home and abroad, with a wide range of goals and needs.

You can find him on his website;, or on his facebook or Instagram page.


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