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Sandi Ross’ Philosophy

My Health Philosophy

Health comes from a balance. There is no quick fix, or easy road. Health is not a fad diet or something that happens overnight. Health is a combination of a nourishing healthy diet, an active lifestyle, stress reduction and a happy mind.

Being in tune with your body and understanding what makes your body flourish will help you to achieve your wellness goals. Science now understands the mind body connection, where you can use your thought and emotions to affect your body’s physiology. The body responds to what you think, feel and act. So finding peace in your mind is a powerful tool for your wellness.



Everybody has the choice to decide what you will nourish your temple with. You can make the decision to eat foods that will leave you chronically ill, or you can nourish yourself with a real wholefoods diet. As we are all individuals, we may find one style of diet works for us better than others. Once you understand what foods your body thrives with, you can maintain your diet easily.

The digestive response starts before you eat. It starts with sight, smell and textures.

Taking the time to smell, chew and taste your food can enhance digestion by 40%. If you are quick to gulp down your food, along with some liquids while barely chewing, you reduce your digestive captivity by more than half. Take the time to smell, chew, taste and enjoy.

How to Optimize your Diet

  • Avoid labeling yourself as this will restrict you to a particular style, and doesn’t allow you to explore foods that may serve your body
  • Avoid processed foods and eat food as fresh as possible
  • Source local produce, not only will the food be higher in nutrients, but also is more sustainable for the environment while supporting your local businesses
  • Purchase organic where possible
  • If you eat meat, source a local butcher or market that sells free range, hormone and antibiotic free animal products.


A Wholesome Diet

  • No refined sugars
  • No gluten
  • Limited dairy from cows, while enjoying small some goats milk products
  • Source free range, antibiotic free and hormone free meats
  • Include soaked nuts, seeds, beans and pulses daily
  • Eat an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables daily
  • Enjoy grains such as quinoa, gluten free oats and brown rice
  • Include superfoods daily such as chia, chlorella, maca and spirulina

Remember; if you are healthy and not trying to treat a chronic health condition, that balance is the key to wellness. If you treat yourself once in a while to a little cheese, wine and even pizza, it won’t kill you. It is ok to relax and enjoy the human connection we share when participating in meals with loved ones. Even if this means eating foods occasionally you normally would not choose.



Active Lifestyle

Exercise doesn’t have to be something that you dislike. Whatever way it is you choose to move your body should be done in a way you love. If you find going to the gym is not for you, sometimes seeking a trainer that can teach you the correct techniques and how to maximize your time in the gym can make a big difference. If the gym is simply not for you, then engage in something that you look forward to. Try yoga, Pilates, a dance class or simply fast walking. Try to find at least 30 minutes everyday to keep active.



Stress Reduction

The five letter word that is creating an epidemic of disease. Stress secretes cortisol and adrenaline, and activates the sympathetic nervous system. When we over secrete these stress hormones, we are compromising our reproductive, digestive and mental health. If you don’t have a way of dealing with your daily stressors, now is the time to find one.

How to reduce stress

  • Meditation (5-20 minutes daily is beneficial)
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutritional supplements such as magnesium
  • Herbal supplements such as Withania, Passionflower and Rhodiola
  • Massage
  • Relaxation audios
  • Taking time out to be with loved ones
  • Restorative sleep
  • Acupuncture
  • Epsom salt baths with essential oils

Finding time to avoid technology and connect with nature is vital for health. Most clients will admit to lying in bed with a phone or ipad before trying to fall asleep. We secrete in response to light, the neurotransmitter serotonin (needed for arousal) and in the dark we secrete melatonin (needed for sleep). Avoiding technology before bed is a great way to stop the confusion with your body, help you unwind, and start to make the hormones needed to sleep.


A Happy Mind

Your thoughts will have a big impact on your overall health. If you are living in a state of depression, seek help. If you find yourself having a lot of self-criticism, then start to practice self-compassion. By being kind to you, you will secrete neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and serotonin (feel good hormones) and be able to live in a more happy state.

  • Find time to spend with loved ones
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Meditate
  • Practice affirmations
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Except your thoughts, and then change the negative to positive

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12 Mindful Steps to Wellness

  1. Wake up with gratitude
  2. Start your day with a gentle morning routine such as lemon/lime in warm water, apple cider vinegar and honey in warm water, or a large glass or filtered water. Try 10 minutes of breathing/mediation before starting your day to keep relaxed and focused
  3. Avoid eating when stressed
  4. Look, smell and taste your food. Chew 20 times before swallowing. Take apple cider before meals to stimulate digestion. Avoid liquids while eating 10 minutes before and after
  5. Eat mindfully, don’t overeat and only eat when hungry. Rise from the table feeling almost as light as you did when you sat down.
  6. Eat a clean, wholefoods diet, as organic as possible, buy from local markets and cook at home as much as possible
  7. Eat healthy fats, superfoods, vegetarian protein, fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes daily
  8. Detox your kitchen pantry, cosmetics and household products from chemical filled products to more organic, eco and environmental friendly products.
  9. Engage in daily exercise that you love such as yoga, dance, martial arts or brisk walking
  10. Breathe deep into your belly and practice expanding your diaphragm big like a balloon (try this now).
  11. Find time to rest, relax and enjoy your passions
  12. Practice self-compassion, self-love and kindness to others